Our company, REALTA SPACES INFRA SOLUTION LLP was formed in December 2014 and has been taking the lead ever since. RSIS is located in Mumbai and spreading the services across many regions, our company is associated with many other ventures and projects all over India.

The founder of the company and a keen architecture lover, Mustakeen Sheikh has been helping people settle with homely abodes since the past few years.The love for architecture dragged him into the real estate market and since then our company hasn’t looked back. His enthusiasm and interest in infra since 2010 has gained him immense knowledge in construction, finance and technology. He is the principal founder and major stake holder of this company.

Darshan Shetty, a great business mind, he is full of a plethora of fresh and creative ideas. Enhanced by the business acumen of Darshan Shetty, RSIS has been one of the leading companies in this discipline. His business oriented mind and the aim to provide great results to the clients, Darshan Shetty has been progressively inclined towards the marketing field.

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